Master of Arts (Geography) from the University of British Columbia, 2011.

Thesis: The Death and Life of the Little Mountain Housing Project: BC’s First Public Housing Community, A+


Geography 520: Themes & Interpretive Issues in Modern Human Geography, A

Geography 551: Urban Social Geography, A

Geography 533: Political Geography, A

Geography 547: Directed Readings, A

Geography 450: Urban Analysis, A

Teaching Assistantships:

Geography 350: Urban Geography

Geography 122

Geography 210: Vancouver and Its Region

Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) (Geography), Simon Fraser University, 2008


Geography 251 Quantitative Geography, A

Geography 255: Geographic Information Science I, A+

Earth Science 103: The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs, A

Archaeology 100: Ancient People and Places, A

Geography 261: Intro to Urban Geography, A

Geography 301: Ideas & Methodology, A+

Geography 381: Political Geography, A

Geography 382: Population Geography, A+

Geography 264: Canadian Cities, A

Geography 312: Geography of Natural Hazards, A+

Geography 324: Geography of Transportation, A+

Geography 387: Geography and Gender, A-

Geography 322: World Resources, A+

Geography 383: Development and Planning, A+

Political Science 354: Metropolitan Governance, A-

Sociology 201: Anthropology of Contemporary Life, A+

Geography 351: Cartography & Data Visualization, A

Geography 389: Human Ecology, A

Geography 352: Spatial Analysis, A

Geography 440: Law and Geography, A+

Geography 449: Environmental Processes and Urban Development, A

Geography 325: Geographies of Consumption, A+

Political Science 223: Canadian Political Economy, A

Sociology 356: Ethnography and Qualitative Methods, A

Coursework transferred from Kwantlen University College:

Geography 1101: Intro to Geography, A+

Sociology 1125: Intro to Sociology, A+

English 1110: Intro to Writing and Literature, A

Geography 1120: Intro to Earth Science, A+

Geography 1140: Canadian Regional Geography, A+

Sociology 1260: Research Methods in Sociology, A+

Geography 1160: Regional Geography of BC, A+

Geography 1212: Intro to Economic Geography, A+

Political Science 1120: Canadian Governance and Politics, A

Geography 1110: Atmospheric Environment, A+

Geography 1211: Cultural Geography, A+

Sociology 1240: Women in Canada, A+

Geography 2320: Geomorphology, A+

Geography 2395: Intro to Cartography, A+

Political Science 1125: Intro to Political Science, A+